Teaching Activities of Danko Ilik


I am a French-qualified lecturer (maître de conférences) in computer science and mathematics. Nowadays, I mostly do research, but during 2011-2012 I taught undergraduate courses at University Goce Delčev in Štip, Macedonia, and a graduate course at Aarhus University, Denmark.

Graduate Courses

Proofs-as-programs correspondence, recent developments and type isomorphisms (5 ECTS)
This mini-course for doctoral and master students at Aarhus had as goal to teach some of the latest developments around the Curry-Howard correspondence, as well as formalization of proofs (in Agda).
index.zip of course web page

Undergraduate Courses

Mathematics 1 (6 ECTS)
This course for first-year students had as goal to teach the bases of analysis, up to approximation with Taylor series. In addition, elements of analytic geometry and linear algebra were covered.
Compilers (6 ECTS)
This course for third-year students covered the theory and practice of compiler construction, from parsing and automata to emitting code, i.e. the first half of Appel's excellent Modern Compiler Implementation in C.
Software Quality Standards (4 ECTS)
This course for fourth-year students first introduced standards for functional safety, such as the EAL levels. Then, the theory and practice of version control systems (Git) were covered, as well as basic programming in Erlang.

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